Is American culture black culture? Probably to a large degree and we take it for granted. The GOP campaign seems totally impervious to this and the Dems, despite the tired rhetoric, “I feel for you, I feel for your suffering,” is empty; skim milk and oreo cookie time that harkens back to Amos and Andy of radio fame days. Yet, despite all the wounds, self inflicted and originating elsewhere, the influence and legacy is unassailable.

---Frankie Filming Hellzapoppin' in 1941--Read More:http://www.lindyhopping.com/frankie1914_2009.html

The latest assault on blacks is this Joseph Kony campaign, the ubiquitous KONY2012 which ostensibly underscores real criminal activity but serves a broader purpose of undermining blacks in general, reinforcing stereotypes and preparing a counter-intelligence groundwork against Chinese expansion in Africa. Again, the African is a commodity in a global chess game, which conjures up fears of old white colonialist thinking.

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