plates from the wood

A long time ago, before ceramics and plastics and paper, people actually ate off wood plates. They are very durable, they insulate food well, and if treated with a non-toxic treatment such as beeswax or a mineral oil or walnut oil, they can last almost indefinitely. I am not sure how they would last in a modern washing machine with detergent under high temperature, but they could probably come out okay with not too much warping.

Madame Pickwick craft supplies

Some of the best wood plates are made in the world are made in the Minnesota Wisconsin area which had large Norwegian immigrant populations who were skilled craftsmen and artists like the wagon painter Per Lynse.  Its the Nordic spirit of workmanship that influenced Thorstein Veblen whose father was a highly skilled woodworker.  No doubt today, culture of cheap and quick has subsumed older values like quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

Read More: ---Irene Lamont:Artist Statement: Rosemaling has a special meaning for me as my paternal grandparents immigrated from Telemark and my maternal grandparents came from Voss, Norway. They brought a rosemaled trunk and a tine with them to the new land. My style of painting is a mix of both styles, defining my roots.

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