dada dum dada not so dum

Unsureness and confusion, in the sphere of Dada opinion, became a positive value, and one that had lethal effect of what could be termed systems of hierarchy and classification.

Max Ernst: the Chinese Nightingale (1920)

Max Ernst: the Chinese Nightingale (1920)

Like Alfred Jarry, dada postulated a “pataphysical” logic of absurdity that had its own syntax, coded language and a kind of poetry of being that was simultaneously bohemian and ambitious. But nothing has really changed. A template was made in which brilliant and daring, if irresponsible minds are able to enjoy the liberty of fragmenting the traditional: a nonrational metaphysic of opposition of oppositions for a rationalized hierarchy of values. A collision of accident, confusion and disunity with apparent moral opposites.

---Rationalization is on the March!---(1927) John Heartfield

—Rationalization is on the March!—(1927) John Heartfield

A brawling and mystical climax that just reincarnates in new contexts….

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